Thank you for visiting Unlatched Mind Counseling and Wellness! We know it can be difficult sometimes to take the first step towards receiving therapeutic services especially if you haven't had a great experience in the past. We want to make this process as easy as we can for you. We offer free 15 minute consults to answer any questions you may have to ensure we are a great fit for you. You can schedule by calling and/or texting our office number or a direct clinician. We also provide a response to your inquiry within 3 business days via call, text, and email to ensure you receive services from us in a timely manner. If we happen to not be a great fit (availability, insurance, fees, modality, etc.), we will refer you to other providers. Currently we provide virtual services to the great state of Texas regardless of your location. We look forward to hearing from you!

You constantly play "what if" scenarios in your mind. You find it difficult to be present and enjoy the moment, as your thoughts never seem to turn off. You feel a lack of motivation and your memory and concentration are suffering. You find yourself fearful of change, often procrastinating and avoiding, while feeling completely overwhelmed. As a parent are you concerned that your child does not seem like their usual self, with a loss of focus and emotional control? As an experienced counselor in addressing depression, grief, anxiety, family/life transitions, and identity exploration, I can help! Your child, not the problem or behavior, is the center of my focus and intervention. Let's talk to determine if your child would benefit from virtual sessions. Virtual sessions only at this time. Using evidence-based approaches to help connect your thoughts, emotions, and actions, we will cultivate tools and specific skills you need to support your growth and healing. I utilize DBT, CBT, ACT, & mindfulness based techniques to help you manage stress and reach your goals. Taking the first step toward healing and wellness is a brave and challenging act. I would love to walk alongside you, with encouragement and an open mind, to help you move out of survival mode and into a life worth living.

Sara Wall graduated in 2020 from West Texas A&M University, earning a Master of Arts degree in counseling. Throughout her years in graduate school and as an LPC Associate, Sara gained counseling experience at a grief and loss nonprofit center, working for an inpatient behavioral health hospital, and working in the outpatient setting, offering group therapy (in person and virtual), individual counseling, and family therapy to children and adults. Sara’s favorite things are family time, trying new foods, Texas bluebonnets, road trips, and seeing the world.

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and worn-down by anxiety, depression, or unable to cope with life changes? Does lack of social skills, coping skills, and emotional regulation, or grief/loss making it challenging to get a hold on life? Supervised by Arlette J. Back, LPC_S, we can work together to learn new ways of coping and managing challenging situations that life throws at you. By processing and learning new coping skills, you can learn to express emotions in a healthy way and face life head on! Please consult with me to see if you or your child is fit for virtual sessions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is my primary modality. It is a form of therapy to be used with kids, teens, and adults, helping clients become aware of dysfunctional or negative thinking patterns so that they can view challenging situations more clearly. In honoring the client's autonomy, I tailor the treatment to the individual and build a relationship with the client to help improve mindfulness, stress, and develop new coping strategies. As a therapist, it is my job to provide support by helping you channel and develop your strengths, learn better coping skills, and heal along this journey we call life. I invite you to a safe and collaborative environment where we can explore your concerns together and a find a path to feeling better!

Hello! My name is Kaisha Yeager LPC Associate, supervised by Arlette Back LPC-S. I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, the place I cherish as my home. Becoming a therapist has been a life-long pursuit since 8th grade. When I graduated high school, I pursued a master’s degree in counseling, attending Walden University and graduating in 2022. I am excited to be a part of this field and to provide services to the state of Texas via telehealth counseling.

Do you want to increase your resilience? Are you tired of anxiety, depression, substance use, or the inability to cope with life transitions (new/loss of job, new baby, divorce, co-parenting etc.) get in the way of experiencing a life worth living? You may feel stuck in cycle with no way out. Our brain is pattern seeking and as we have all experienced patterns/habits are hard to break. When we live in a constant state such as anxiety for example, we train ourselves to live in a constant cycle of worry. Let me help you identify, process, & learn specific skills to create healthier pattern/habits. DBT helps improve areas such as mindfulness, relationships, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. I provide growth work (specific DBT skills) related to your needs. Although I am a virtual therapist, I provide visual aids (whiteboard) to ensure understanding of skills to obtain the best outcome as possible through out your growth experience. Life can be hard and sharing your experiences with a stranger can be difficult. I'm open minded and enjoy creating a comfortable environment. I would love to work towards gaining your trust and helping you strive for a life worth living.

Gabrielle Galvan graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2017 with a B.S in psychology and 2020 with a M.A in mental health counseling. Gabrielle gained experience working at a methadone clinic, inpatient mental health hospital, grief support non-profit, and a private practice setting. Gabrielle has experience working with pre/adolescents ages 11 and up as well as adults. Gabrielle loves spending time with her family and gaining new experiences through travel.

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